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Revolt 426 (4' to 6')

Revolt 426 (4' to 6')

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Riot Baits is proud to announce the release of the Revolt. The Revolt is the fourth hard bait offered by Riot Baits as part of the Reflex Series. Like all baits made in the Reflex Series, the Revolt was built to a higher standard than traditional crankbaits that use shallow screws to secure hooks into the body of the crankbait. The Revolt 426, and all of the hard baits in the Reflex Series, feature Riot’s Wire-Thru construction which improves strength and overall bait integrity by connecting the line tie directly to each and every hook eye via one continuous wire. 

The Revolt 426 (4' to 6') is a full 1/2oz.  crankbait designed to hunt and deflect off rock like a scurrying crayfish. It features the same progressive body style as the Riot Reactor squarebill with a lower volume tail and bulbous head. The Revolt’s modified coffin bill allows it to hunt and deflect off rock and cover like a traditional squarebill while achieving depths of 4-6 feet. It features dual rattle chambers: a single knocker sound chamber that provides a dull heart-beat-like thump similar to Riot’s celebrated Reactor 1.5 squarebill as well as a secondary rattle chamber for even more sound. It is fitted with Mustad 2x short shank hooks to optimize hook ups and is available in 13 colors. 

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