About Riot Baits

Our family run business takes great pride in our lures and customer service. We are never willing to settle for “good enough”, and put a lot of thought and innovation into every product we design and produce. Each item is tested in an array of real fishing scenarios; from deep, clear northern lakes to weed choked southern hog havens, rest assured Riot Baits has seen it all.

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    The “R Unit” is a family. We are composed of people from many walks of life. We all have different backgrounds, but we are bonded in a few basic commonalities- we love to fish and we have a lot of confidence using the products made by Riot Baits.

  • About Us

    Matt and Megan Stark started Riot Baits in 2013 after years of product and brand development. Now this family run business includes their son, Atticus, an amazing group of R Unit Ambassadors and incredible pro anglers. From our family to yours – thank you for supporting a small, American owned and run business hailing from the lakes of North Carolina.

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    We’d love to hear from you. Share with us your fishing triumphs, photos, or favorite baits and be sure to follow us on social media and spread the word!