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The Cyclone was designed to be a singular bait that provides multiple options for presentation, giving the angler the choice of how much action the bait delivers. The Cyclone will decimate matted vegetation and double as swim jig and big jig trailer. Its 4.25” profile is hearty, with additional meat added for extra security when using a straight shank flipping hook in heavy matted vegetation. The Cyclone’s head features a subtle channel to secure the hook point with a robust body to survive the nastiest cover, but the Cyclone is more than brawn. Its six appendages, when separated, flail like an angry toddler demanding attention, while its buoyant, scented plastic ensures it will attract fish even when it’s sitting still.

Much like Riot’s counter-part the Vigilante, the Cyclone is designed with the intention of providing anglers with options. Out of the package, its main appendages are connected, dulling the action of the claws and providing a “chunk-like” presentation. Disconnect the center supporting tabs, and the Cyclone comes to life, providing two arms that kick wildly. Find out why its called the Cyclone by disconnecting all the supporting tabs allowing all six of the Cyclone’s appendages to rage free.  

Anglers can also customize the action further by removing appendages to suit their desired presentation.  Regardless of how it is rigged, the Cyclone will stir up monster bass.

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