Rig Your Creature Bait Like This

Rig Your Creature Bait Like This

Texas-rigged creature baits are (or should be) a staple in every bass angler's arsenal of tricks, but sometimes, especially in the depths of summer when the bass get lethargic and seasoned to our generic bait presentations, it is good to break up the monotony and try something new.

Most of us are familiar with the effectiveness of a Neko Rig as it applies to small finesse worms, but it’s equally as effective when used on certain creature baits, especially buoyant ones like the Riot Fuzzy Beaver or Little Fuzzy. Both of these baits have a ribbed body that release air bubbles in the water column while their very supple appendages work their seductive magic imitating a foraging crawfish or bluegill. The ribbing of the Fuzzy also allows the angler to use a rubber O-ring to secure the hook, which adds to the longevity of the bait and prevents the bait from being casted off the hook.


Note: It will not be possible to use a rubber O-ring on all creature baits. Some are simply too wide to be effective for this technique. It is also helpful to choose a buoyant creature bait as they are the most effective for this type of rigging.

Rigging is easy. Simple insert a nail weight or Neko screwlock weight into the head of the creature bait. Attach a rubber O-ring (like the ones used on wacky-rigged worms) and place your hook through the O-ring with the barb facing the tail. 

This presentation is great for skipping under shaded docks with a baitcaster or spinning rod. Its slow falling and subtle presentation is equally as alluring to suspended bass as it is bass feeding on the bottom.

Try this technique the next time you are struggling on the water or are just in need of trying something new.

Tight lines!


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